W205 / W213 / W222 Mercedes original dashcam

Mercedes originalt dashbord kamera. Legg ved reg nummer ved bestilling eller i forkant av bestilling for redegjøreslse rundt om din bil er i behov av ytterligere komponenter.

Om ikke registreringsnummer legges ved, leveres kamera som løst. Dette er spesialbestillingsvare og som elektrisk komponent på spesialbestilling har vi ikke returmulighet for denne. Comment: A micro SD card (32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB~) is required to operate the dashcam. Note: Front camera requires electrical wiring harness (A2138209303) and self-adhesive blank (A0009899804). Upgrade rear camera (A2139055510) to dual-channel system for advanced surveillance recommended. Legal notice: when using the recording function, observe the legal regulations for your country. Compliance with the applicable data protection regulations must be ensured. Video recordings may be prohibited, or you may be obligated to completely delete the data saved on a regular basis. A dashcam mounted in the vehicle is not permitted in all countries. If necessary, remove the cameras from the brackets and stow them away securely.


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